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QMC Industries supplies high quality and proven agriculture and construction products to global markets. With an American salesforce and a management group who have 100+ years of combined experience to ensure you, our customer, are provided a valued solution.

Our focus as a company is simple: offer quality products at a competitive price with on time delivery. This is attainable because of our high standards throughout our supply chain combined with operational excellence. Next, our professional services and expertise in quality control maintains the continuous improvement. QMC is fully committed to customer satisfaction.

Our Team
Our operations and management teams have over 100 years of combined experience and are deemed experts in the industries we support.
All of our inspectors and auditors are professionals with several years of experience.
We take good care of our strongest asset through training, competitive salaries, and promotion.
We are flexible enough to offer customized solutions.
All of our inspectors and auditors are regularly trained to international quality standards.
We all speak several different languages and we know what quality and service means to you!

Our Values
Quality is of paramount importance in everything we do and is the core to all our business practices.
We believe only excellence and dedication to your requirements allow us to fulfill our mission.
We believe our people are our most important asset: We focus on integrity and expertise while building relationships.
We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues.
We believe in continual improvement: every day we are doing our best to improve your satisfaction.
We leverage Technology in order to attain excellence through efficiency and standardization.

Our Commitments
All our employees abide by our strict Business Ethics and Compliance Code.
Main Points:
We act with full transparency and integrity in conducting our services.
We are politically neutral, financially and commercially independent.
We try to adapt our services as much as possible to your needs.
We do not disclose any information of any kind to any third party.

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+86 0591-88263339